Alarm clock is one of the common things to have at home for many people. Indeed, it helps a lot for not only telling the time but also waking people up on time. The existence of an alarm clock has been long on earth. However, technology has added a lot usefulness to the now modern alarm clocks to make sure it serves people even better. By that, many types of alarm clocks with different features have been produced. In a case you are looking for an alarm clock, there are information you need to know, and you probably can select the right and better one for your particular need of an alarm clock. This buying guides along with the suggested alarm clocks by its types will surely help you even more to find your favorite alarm clock quick. In the following, you will be told about the types of alarm clocks which are different in serving you as well as the features you could consider in the alarm clock you are interested in. These will inform you about getting the alarm clock that is right for you.

Types of Alarm Clocks

When talking about only a clock, generally it has been categorized into three types. They are the Quartz Analog Clocks, Digital Alarm Clocks, and the Atomic Clocks.These three types are different by the way it works to tell the time and their looks. Quartz Analog Clocks works by using quartz crystal to keep track of the time passage. Basically, it is the one you see with analog display. It uses hands to tell hour, minute and second. For digital clocks, they have LCD or LED display, and it uses the oscillator to track time. Lastly, it is the atomic clock. Considered as the most accurate clock, atomic clock uses the oscillation of the electrons around an atom to tell the time. Nonetheless, this is just the way a clock works to tell the time. What that is going to be more useful for you will be the types of alarm clocks that provide slightly different services to you.

Radio Alarm Clock: Radio alarm is a very popular type, and simply, it combines the functionality of a radio and an alarm clock into one. This is nice for many people who often listen to the radio in bed while they would need an alarm clock to help wake them up on time in the morning.

Digital Alarm Clock: When people think of buying a digital alarm clock, they would be comparing the look of the alarm clock. Of course, the digital alarm clock has a LCD or LED display to tell the time while the others is the analog clock with analog display. Analog clock is more traditional while digital alarm clock is more modern. That is the only difference in many people’s needs.

Projection Alarm Clock: Projection alarm clock is another nice and helpful type of an alarm clock. Of course, it is still as an alarm clock, but it is built in with the projection feature which show the time on the wall or ceiling through its projection. The good convenience many people find about the projection alarm clock is it has a big display on the wall that people could see it easily without having to go to the clock.

Loud Alarm Clock: Another common alarm clock people often go for is the loud alarm clocks. This particular type of alarm clocks are made to wake up deep sleepers. Its main effectiveness is to wake people up no matter what. The loud alarm clock normally comes with the bed shaker. For some, they place it under the mattress, and the clock will alarm and shake the whole bed until they get up. That is simply its point for people to look for it. As there are quite many deep sleepers, many loud or loudest alarm clocks are made available.

Travel Alarm Clock: Travel alarm clock is as well a certain type people look for when they need one for their traveling. As this alarm clock is made just for travelers, they are often made smaller, more portable, and with digital display. Simply, they are made for better convenience to bring with during the drip.

These are simply the usual alarm clocks available for different purposes, and they should tell you right which one you are looking for and will serve you the best. After deciding for its type, you can further go into the features of the alarm clock that you will need as below.

Key Features to Consider in an Alarm Clock

If you just want to find an alarm clock, that is easy. You can just go to the one with high quality and favorite design of your choice, that is it. However, you can have more than that. There are a lot features added into an alarm clock, and they become much more useful than being just the clock and alarm. The below features will tell you the functions that are also available to check out.

Design: Of course, like any other products, when looking for one, you will find your favorite design. For an alarm clock, because it is a common need for many people, so many of them at various designs are available. You can spend a bit of time, and you will be overwhelm by the designs you could select. Let’s your mind to work for that. Aside from that, there are two different displays you can find. One is the analog display, and the others is the digital display.

Snooze Button and Timer: Snooze button is one of the most important feature in any alarm clock. There are times when users are not ready to get up yet while the alarm is ringing. However, the snooze button is the solution, and it will delay the alarm to the next minutes. In this, if the snooze button is programmable is another things to check out. It is even more ideal when users can program the snooze button by themselves. Timer is as well a nice function to have. For some modern alarm clocks, they come with dual alarms which means users can set two different alarms during the day. If you may necessarily need this too, check carefully for it.

Power Source: Power source is another important thing to check out. There are alarm clocks which are powered by plugging into the electric outlet, and there are alarm clocks powered by batteries. The best thing we want is them having both, and the reason for that is if the electricity goes off, there are still the backup batteries to keep the time and alarm right for you.

Media Player Dock: For many best modern alarm clocks, they are made with dock to let you users charge their phone or sync to play their music from their smartphone conveniently, and when the speaker is great, that is amazing. For certain design, the modern alarm clocks could even connect to the smartphone through Bluetooth. That brings convenience to another level.

Additional Functionalities: As some people like listening to the radio and have an alarm on their bed, there is no reason to get them two separately. Many best radio alarm clocks are available at very nice designs. If that is also the feature you need, you can simply find the radio in your alarm clock before buying. Besides, there are also the projection feature, built-in bed shaker feature, date and temperature, and more you may need in just one alarm clock.

Characteristics of the Alarm: The last thing you might also go around in your interested alarm clock is the way the alarm works. There are alarm clocks with many different alarm sounds you can select, and there are alarm clocks with only one sound. Other than that, some are adjustable for the sound, and some are not. These have a lot of things to your convenient use.

Things to Also Note When Needing an Alarm Clock

Besides buying the alarm clock for the need of an alarm to wake you up, you can consider the options of alarm clock app and online alarm clock. With just your smartphone, you could install alarm clock app that will allow you to wake up just right without having to by the physical alarm clock. Online alarm clock is also possible. They are just choices. However, many people still go for the alarm clocks they could touch.

Accuracy is another thing to check out. If you find an alarm clock that does not work well, you would have to adjust the time often, and that is annoying for many people. And, if you are to buy it online, you could look at the customer reviews over that alarm clock. If you find out that, the accuracy of that alarm clock is poor, never bother going around with it.

Ease of Use is another thing to remember. As modern alarm clocks could have so many features and functions, it could be a little bit complicated to control and adjust. That all comes to the ease of use. If it is often too confusing, that is not a good one to have. Again, the customer reviews can tell you this.


Finding the right alarm clock is about knowing the type and design you like and knowing the features and additional function that will serve your need while the clock works well for the accuracy, and it is convenient to control and use.

Best Alarm Clock Review

There are many options to choose from when it comes to buying a great quality alarm clock for the money. To get the best products on the market, one should consider both its performance and design quality, and of course the price tag – whether or not it is reasonable enough. Therefore, below list will help introduce some of the best alarm clock options that are available on the market and thus worth considering.

Best Radio Alarm Clock Review

Electrohome Retro Alarm Clock Radio

One of the best alarm clocks available on today’s market is this Retro alarm clock radio from Electrohome. This particular product is designed with a so-called motion activated sensor light which is perfect for nighttime. The snoozing function of this alarm clock is also useful for people who are having trouble waking up in the morning. It produces snoozing alarm and gradual wake up lighting. Furthermore, this alarm clock also features an automatic system for adjusting/dimping the light for daylight savings.

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Peakeep Compact Digital FM Alarm Clock Radio

Another popular choice of alarm clock also worth mentioning in this list is this compact digital FM alarm clock radio from Peakeep. One of the most eye catchy features that this alarm clock radio offers is its beautiful red time display. It displays without any blink which makes it very convenient and user friendly for the users to view the clock in full view and it is good for the eyes. In addition to its decently functional alarm clock system, it also has a really good and effective radio function as well.

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Sony ICFC1 Alarm Clock Radio, Black

This alarm clock radio from Sony is indeed one of the best options for alarm clock you can find on the market right now. In fact, it has been rated as one of the bestselling products on the market. The overall build design of this alarm clock is pretty sleek and stylish, perfectly suitable for today’s modern bedrooms. There is also an adjustable brightness settings feature that helps you adjusting for the best lighting and viewing experience.

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Best Projection Alarm Clock Review

Ambient Weather RC-8427 Radio Controlled Projection Alarm Clock

This projection alarm clock from Ambient Weather is also another top quality choice should you look for a decent alarm clock. On the screen, this alarm clock features a well controlled time and indoor temperature of great viewing quality. In addition, this clock is also reversible for up to 180 degrees to give an optical viewing around the room. The backlit screen of this alarm clock is equipped with a really bright feature for a very easy-on-eye experience.

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Electrohome Projection Alarm Clock

This alternative Projection alarm clock from Electrohome is also another worthy choice for the best alarm clock on the market. It is designed with a big, crystal clear LCD screen of 3.6 inches. Also, this blue LCD screen is also dimmable to meet your prefered brightness settings. This alarm clock shows on its screen a very reliable time and temperature information. Moreover, it also allows for external AUX input for listening to your favorite music devices such as iPhones, iPod or MP3 devices.

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Electrohome USB Charging Alarm Clock Radio

This USB charging alarm clock radio from Electrohome is also another decent choice to look for. More than a regular alarm clock, this product also features a radio function as well as a USB charging hub. It comes with a super speed USB charging capability that can juice up your phones or IT devices very fast and effectively. For its clocking feature, it has a decent 1.2 inch LED display with a 180-degree reversible feature for suitable projection on walls or ceilings.

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Best Loudest Alarm Clock Review

Sonic Alert SBB500ss Sonic Bomb Loud Dual Alarm Clock

This dual alarm clock from Sonic Alert is another outstanding model worth considering. One the best features that this dual alarm clock offers is the fact that it has a turbo charging feature and a loud, vibrating alarming feature. It is indeed an extra loud alarm clock that can easily shake you up in the morning, perfectly ideal for those having serious trouble with getting up in the morning.

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Sonic Alert Loud Dual Alarm Clock SB200ss with Vibrating Shaker

This alternative dual alarm clock from Sonic Alert is also another decent option that every consumer can try. Unlike other regular alarm clocks, this particular model from Sonic Alert is built for its extra-loud feature of up to 113db level. It is also built in with the most powerful 12 volt system that is also known as the bed shaker. Performance wise, the clocking technology that comes with this alarm clock is also very high tech and reliable for an extensive use.

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Sonic Alert SBJ525ss Sonic Bomb Jr.

This Sonic Bomb Jr. from Sonic Alert is indeed one of the best performing alarm clocks one should look for on the market out there. Design wise, this sonic bomb alarm clocks comes with a very attractive and elegant design which can perfectly fit in any modern bedroom out there. It is also very loud in terms of its alarming sound output despite its very compact design construction. It also has a built-in red flashing lights which make it so convenient for viewing at nighttime.

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